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High sensitivity is a lot to handle. Your sensitivity (your intensity) gives you a different experience of the world – a richer, more intense experience, one that’s sometimes overwhelming or even shutdown-inducing. That’s a lot on your plate.

High intelligence is a lot to handle. You think deeply, quickly, intuitively, thoroughly, radically. You find it hard to make friends at the same level as you. Your mind can be a brilliant asset, or a dangerous weapon.

High sensitivity and intelligence combine to make you multi-faceted. It’s a lot to handle. You’re curious and passionate about many and varied subjects, people, places, and things. You’d love to make sense of it all. You’d also love to find your way forward through the myriad options in front of you – or to find an option, when there appears to be none.

Sue Susnik

I’m Sue Susnik.

I help highly sensitive, highly intelligent, multi-faceted people make sense of themselves.

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I’m highly sensitive, intelligent, and intuitive – I cut straight through to what’s really going on for you.

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