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Technical, spiritual, person-centred, development-oriented, Buddhist, intelligent, sensitive. Inter alia.

I’ve never fitted into a box, and I won’t start trying to do that now.

You probably don’t fit into a box either.

So far, I’ve careered around physics, teaching, technical writing, environmental science, fundraising, and creating database interfaces, all while developing and crafting my art of intuitive coaching for the last decade or so.

Now, I work exclusively coaching people to become the best possible version of themselves.

On the one hand, I’m a systemiser, pattern spotter, and synthesiser. I take as whole a view of a system as possible, and boil it down to what’s essential. I find out what’s missing, and how to add it in. I see what’s there that shouldn’t be. I’m a tidier-upper, pruner, aspiring minimalist. It’s a technically inspired approach.

On the other hand, I work seriously intuitively. I feel. I perceive the energetics of your situation. I see through to what’s going on for you underneath. I cut through waffle to the heart of the issue and put you in better, fuller contact with who you really are.

Ready to begin? Contact me here.

I lived in England for many years, and now live in The Hague in the Netherlands with my husband and son.


*Sušnik: sush-nik

Sue Susnik
Sue Sušnik PhD

Training & qualifications

Buddhist practice: study and practice with the Triratna Buddhist Community in ethics, meditation, and Buddhist wisdom, 1999 onwards.

Diploma in Coaching and Counselling, Academie voor Coaching en Counselling, 2016-17 (in progress)

Certificate in Counselling Skills, Iron Mill Institute, 2014.

Certificate & Diploma in Fundraising Management, Institute of Fundraising, 2011-2012.

PhD Environmental Sciences, University of East Anglia, 2011.

The Work That Reconnects facilitator training based on workshops by Joanna Macy for connecting humans and our world, our environment, 2007.

Reiki 1st and 2nd degrees attunements, UK Reiki Federation, 2005.

Postgraduate Certificate in Education – Secondary (High School) Mathematics Teaching, Cambridge University, 2003.

BA (Hons) & MSci Natural Sciences, Cambridge University, 2001.

Viniyoga Foundation Course, 2000.