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I started adult life with a physics degree and environmental science PhD, then turned to analysing the human mind because a) mine was giving me trouble (cough, understatement, cough) and b) it’s far more complex, interesting, challenging and rewarding.

Twenty-ish years of personal development, training in teaching, communication, coaching, counselling, and Experience of Life later (I love that the Dutch actually have a phrase for this: ervarings deskundige), I support highly intelligent, highly sensitive, intense people, to become the best they can be: physically, emotionally, mentally, situationally.

My work’s informed by attachment theory, trauma theory, coaching, counselling, person-centred (Humanistic) and development-oriented (Buddhist) approaches.

On the one hand, I take a systematic approach to figuring you out: logically, rationally, explainably. I use tension release methods as well as coaching and counselling style dialogue to get to the heart and root of your issues.

On the other hand, I work intuitively. I know stuff I shouldn’t know from what you’ve told me. I get downloads of information into my mind before our session even begins. I hear the right words to say at the right time for you – even if they make no sense to me at all. I know when there’s something underneath that needs to come out, and figure out how we can access it, give it expression, and release it. Call it woo, call it spiritual, call it ‘I haven’t got a clue but it sounds darn useful if you ask me’ – it works.

Together, the logical and the intuitive kick your ass. Kindly, but determinedly towards a better you. A you-er you. A you that knows what you know, feels what you feel, is who you are, and does what you do. Better than you knew, felt, were and did before.


Want me on your team? Work with me.


*Sušnik: sush-nik

Sue Susnik
Sue Sušnik PhD

Training & qualifications


Personal study (psychology, counselling, coaching, and related fields) & development

Buddhist practice: study and practice with the Triratna Buddhist Community in ethics, meditation, and Buddhist wisdom, 1999 onwards.

Diploma in Coaching and Counselling, Academie voor Coaching en Counselling, 2016-17 (in progress)


Certificate in Counselling Skills, Iron Mill Institute, 2014.

Certificate & Diploma in Fundraising Management, Institute of Fundraising, 2011-2012.

PhD Environmental Sciences, University of East Anglia, 2011.

The Work That Reconnects facilitator training based on workshops by Joanna Macy for connecting humans and our world, our environment, 2007.

Reiki 1st and 2nd degrees attunements, UK Reiki Federation, 2005.

Postgraduate Certificate in Education – Secondary (High School) Mathematics Teaching, Cambridge University, 2003.

BA (Hons) & MSci Natural Sciences, Cambridge University, 2001.

Viniyoga Foundation Course, 2000.