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I offer coaching and training for individuals, companies and other organisations, with specialisation in:

  • Integration and release of stuck emotions and experiences
  • Increasing your emotional awareness and emotional intelligence
  • Understanding and managing Highly Sensitive, Highly Excitable and/or Highly Intense People (yourself or others)

Public workshops

For latest information on public workshops I have available, see here: Resources for HSPs.

Contact Release for individuals

An integrated coaching & bodywork approach to help you let go of what’s holding you back and release your full potential.

  • Private sessions near The Hague, South Holland.
  • Phone sessions are also available.

Read more on Contact Release…

Corporate training & Public Speaking

Customisable training and presentations for your organisation are available on many topics, including but not limited to:

  • Emotional Intelligence for Technical Types
  • Highly Sensitive People and how to handle yourself / them
  • High Intensity / Highly Excitable People
  • Mindfulness for Burnout Prevention
  • Multiple Intelligences

I’m also available for podcast and other media interviews, speaking events and workshops.

Please send me your enquiry via my contact form.