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You’re smart, intelligent, gifted.

You’re also unhappy, worried, and lonely.


Frustrating, isn’t it?


Are you fed up with not being able to find happines?


There is a way forward, up and onward.


Ready to head in that direction?

Who are you, really?
What are you here for?

Find your North Star

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High Sensitivity

Orient yourself in your world

Do you think you’ll
find your answers?

Let me offer you a way through.

I help people out of the mire and into the sunshine.

I help smart, technically-minded people get clear on who the heck they are, what they want in life, and clear the blocks that stop you being yourself and achieving your goals.

I’m Sue Susnik, and over ten years ago, I discovered my gift of hyper-empathy – being able to feel other people’s emotions directly in my own body. Since then I’ve developed and refined my methods, working on myself and other people.

The result is Emotional Plumbing – tuning your emotional system and the helping clear the emotions you’ve held on to for so long already.

Through dialogue with you – your thoughts, your body, your energy, and your emotions – I help you find out who you are, what you value, what you want, how to get it, and how to get you out of your own way.

Read more to find out if Emotional Plumbing is a good fit for you.

Sue Susnik

One-to-One Support

In-House Training

Speaking & Events

I offer training for businesses and other organisations on:
  • Managing Highly Sensitive People (yourself or others)
  • Supporting Your Neurodiverse Employees
  • Emotional Intelligence for Technical Types

Let me engage, inspire, and educate your audience on:

  • High Sensitivity: what it is and how to manage it (in yourself, others, and children)
  • The importance and how-to of Emotional Regulation and Self-Management
  • How I discovered and developed Emotional Plumbing.

I’m available for podcast, media interviews, and speaking events.

Further information: Press.

Who is Sue Susnik?

I’m a Brit with a science PhD and a penchant for figuring out how everything works, living in Holland.

Having done stints as a maths teacher, researcher, fundraiser, database developer, technical author, and a few other things, I now do the work I love: helping smart, talented people find clarity and shine, so you can bring your gifts more strongly into this world.

Hobbies include music, baking, hanging out with similarly weird folk as myself, and finding places in Holland to drop my partner off with his bike to cycle home.

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