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I help brainy people

get rid of anxiety, worry, and overthinking,

so they can fall in love with life again.

Lunchtime Meditation Club

Meditation for people who don’t have time to meditate.


30 minutes at lunchtime (Tuesdays at 1pm CET/CEST, 12 noon GMT/BST).

Join from your phone or laptop.


Learn to meditate, develop your meditation skills, find out how meditation can work for you.


Click to sign up for a first trial LMC meeting.

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Sue Susnik

Who is Sue?

I’m Sue Sušnik. I help brainy people get rid of anxiety, worry, and overthinking, so that they can fall in love with life again.

I have a BA/MSci in Physics, a PhD in Environmental Sciences, 20 years of explorations and studies in personal development, and a passion for growth – my own and other people’s.

After working as a maths teacher, researcher, fundraiser, database developer, and more besides, I set up my Coaching & Training business to do the work I really love: helping highly talented people get out of their own way and release their full potential into the world.

I developed Emotional Plumbing after discovering and mastering my gift of hyper-empathy – being able to feel other people’s emotions directly in my own body. Read what my clients have said about their experiences of emotional plumbing here: Testimonials.

If you’re interested in working with me to realise your full potential, you have a few options. There’s my intimate Lift Up Your Life program for one-to-one support and development to get you firing on all cylinders. Emotional Plumbing sessions online or in The Hague (Netherlands) will help shift your emotional and energy blocks, and reconnect you to you sources of liveliness and energy. The Lunchtime Meditation Club gives you an easy answer to the problem of not getting round to meditating, and you can have a good read around the articles section on this website.