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You feel off. Not right. Uncomfortable.

You know you’re carrying some baggage. You feel it weighing on your shoulders. You’re wary of taking the lid off but you don’t want to be carrying it around any more.

You’re at a crossroads. You’ve got some decisions to make, and they’re not easy ones.

You want to get to the bottom of it, though you’re not sure how to get there or if going there is a good idea. You’re worried it might not be, and more than a bit nervous about what you might find when you get there.

Let me help

I’m Sue Susnik. I feel your feelings in my body.

It’s a gift.

I tune into your feelings and tell you what I find there. I support you in feeling your feelings, naming your feelings, and working your way through them.

Feelings, once they’re truly felt and their message is received, flow away.

Sue Susnik

“I came to Sue for some guidance based on a hunch. I did not expect her to be able to help me so directly and so quickly. She certainly has a talent which I cannot place- somewhere between the pragmatic and the spiritual. Be prepared to laugh, to reconnect, and to reconsider.”


“I was pleasantly surprised how better I felt after having a healing session with Sue Susnik. Sue has an amazing skill of guiding you through and actually helping your body release huge amounts of emotions.”


“Drawing on scientific, energetic, spiritual and other resources, Sue offered useful advice that enabled me better to process trauma related to sexual assault, harmful power dynamics, injustice and resulting challenges in a variety of relationships. She is not content to help in the moment but explains practices that allow focused solo work to fix the “emotional plumbing” and strengthen one’s emotional health and coping mechanism.”

Fixing the Emotional Plumbing

Metaphorically speaking, your emotions need to flow along your emotional pipes. Your emotional plumbing system.

Like ordinary plumbing systems, your emotional plumbing gets bunged up, sprouts leaks, and occasionally has a pipe going in the wrong direction.

I developed Emotional Plumbing, an integrated mind-body-emotions-energy healing modality, to help fix people’s emotional pipes.


The results?

Here’s what some of my clients have said:

Sue’s high energy, in combination with the right words at the right time, allowed me to feel what I needed for a very long time. In just a one-hour session, I finally dropped long-term emotional baggage. Physically and emotionally, I feel ‘reshuffled’, and lighter. Thank you, Sue!


The last few years I’ve had a lot on my plate. Sue helped me release the stress, figure out which issues were most important to me, and how to address them. Sue has a unique ability to help you release and understand your emotions, while also providing valuable feedback during the conversation. Sue provides a wonderful combination of her high sensitivity and a very down-to-earth, no-nonsense approach to her coaching. To those who are unsure if they should work with Sue, I could only say, just go for it!


I came to Sue curious about her method. I’ve had a lot of changes recently and I’ve been feeling a lot of resistance. When Sue was working on me I felt warm energy flowing from her hands. Sue helped me to understand where my resistance was coming from and what it was about, linking it back to things in my childhood. I now know more about this resistance and what lies underneath it. I really recommend Sue: it’s really a gift to yourself.

Why is Emotional Plumbing for smart people?

Smart people have excellent thinking skills.

Trouble is, that the emotional skills often aren’t as sharp as the thinking ones.

Maybe you’ve talked it over with someone – or a few someones. Good start! But if you’re thinking your way through therapy, you won’t get to the core of what’s going on inside you.

Maybe you’ve read about it already. Great, you know a lot more words about it now. But if you’re still thinking your way through it, you won’t get to where you want to be.

Maybe you’ve tried thinking your way out of it. Good effort – your thinking does need to be on board with this. But: you can’t think your way out of it. If you could have thought your way out, you wouldn’t be reading this.

You need something else. You need your emotions to tell you what’s going on. But how?


The answer’s in your body.


You’re so used to focusing on your thinking that it’s hard to tune in to how your body is. And, after all, your emotions are felt in your body. Your emotions are stored in your body.

What would your body say to you, if it could talk?

That’s where my gift comes in super-handy.


I bypass your thinking and talk directly to your body.


I give your body – your emotions – a voice. I help you hear its messages, learn its lessons, and bring you into better alignment with yourself.

Don’t worry, your thinking will have some new jobs to do, new things to be aware of, new models and understandings to mull over and apply.

Through Emotional Plumbing you’ll be more in contact with your body, your emotions, your feelings.

What that means, is that you’ll be more aware of and better able to handle your emotions in future too.


I am glad I approached Sue because she has been of great help. Visiting her has helped me release stuck emotions and has made me more aware of the emotions I am experiencing on a day-to-day basis.


She is not content to help in the moment but explains practices that allow focused solo work to fix the “emotional plumbing” and strengthen one’s emotional health and coping mechanism.


Sue has supported me in developing my own intuition and learning to trust my inner feelings. Sue excels at explaining concepts and comes up with some great metaphors to really get across the essence of what she is communicating.

About Sue Susnik

Hi, I’m Sue Susnik. I developed Emotional Plumbing after realising that I had a gift that could really help people to feel freer, lighter, better and more at peace with themselves. Since discovering my gift, I’ve spent over 10 years using my own methods on myself and other people to help them feel happier, more in alignment with themselves, and free of emotional baggage.

What I do fits into the realms of coaching, counselling, and energy work.

Be warned, though: I don’t do fluff or unicorns.

More on Sue

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