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Intuition for Logical People

Intuition for Logical People

You’re logical and you get intuitive stuff going on.

How does that fit together?!

You know the kind of thing.

Feelings about doing things – or not.

Dreams about stuff that seems strangely preminiscent.

Knowing stuff, without knowing how you know it.

It’s hard to trust it, but it seems useful.

You almost don’t dare to trust it – and what would happen to your logical mind if you did?


And yet.


You want the answers.


You’re curious.



What is this stuff?

What’s it for?

And how can you rely on something so ‘illogical’ as feelings (even though those times you do dare to go with it, even if it looks illogical at first, it turns out in your favour, in more ways than you could’ve anticipated at the outset)?


This is what I’ve been studying.

For at least a decade, if not nearly 2.


I knew there was something else going on.

It kept drawing me in.

Leading me on down what has turned out to not be a garden path, but a magnificent forest journey of unimaginable riches and delights.

I get carried away, but it really is that good.


I’ve always been fascinated by How Things Work.

Physics. Engineering. Engines.

Then bigger systems: the environment, people, society.

And I keep coming back to people.


How do we work? How do we human?

And where does intuition fit into the whimsical, fantastical experience of humaning?


So I studied it. Practiced it. Experimented with it.

Dived and delved into it – experientially, experimentally, and with a certain je ne sais quoi that I can only describe as a product of my neurodiverse, connect ALL THE DOTS and don’t stop until it makes absolute sense, way of thinking.


In short, I got into it. Ahem.


Not only for me, but with friends, family (everyone tests stuff out there first, right?) then clients.

Now, I want to share that with you, you lovely people who like my stuff but don’t have Big Enough Problems to invest in my shit-busting energy work.


Actually, I got told to share it with you.


Intuitively (naturally), I received guidance to bundle all my knowledge up and get it out there.

So, obedient puppy that I am (ha!!!!!! just ask my husband…) that’s what I’m doing.

Only there’s one wee sticking point.

I’ve got a deadline. Apparently the start date is supposed to be 10th October 2019. That’s just about 2 weeks off at time of writing.


Also, apparently, it’s for maximum 40 people.


And £495.


Which surprised me because usually I give a little European flair (I live in Holland, don’t you know) to my Currency of Choice, but there it is and who am I to argue when my intuition, that I’ve come to know and trust (oh look, there goes the Andrex puppy again) has saved my butt hundreds of euros and wasted time by giving me little (and not so little) prompts to DO THE THING or sometimes DO NOT DO THE THING YOU ARE THINKING OF DOING. IT WON’T WORK.


What you get from this nifty package of awesome, is:

  • how to recognise what your intuition is
  • how to recognise what it’s telling you
  • how to tell the difference between an iffy emotion and intuition
  • and…
  • to be totally honest with you, I don’t have a ‘plan’ – I just launch into delivering stuff on intuition and it works.


You’ll start uncertain, a bit wary, but with a peculiar feeling that it’ll probably be alright (but you can’t explain why) and then as we yomp through the course (it’s 12 weeks, by the way) you’ll get what you need to use your intuition like the Swiss army knife you never knew you needed. In fact, it’ll be better than that because I don’t know about you but I’ve always found those little red buggers to be rather uncomfortable in the hand, so maybe not my greatest moment of metaphor but there you go.


Let’s just say that you’ll be better at intuition when you finish the course than when you start, yes?


And your intuition will be having a chat behind the scenes (DO NOT ASK ME HOW – IT JUST DOES) so that I give you more of the stuff you – and your coursemates – need. Labmates, in fact, because you’re going to be experimenting, testing, reviewing and all those other juicy things you get into in labs. I miss university corridors. I digress.


I can talk you through this stuff for hours without notes, guide you through what you need to know and – you guessed it (or perhaps intuited?) – I get intuitive guidance as to what actually to tell you so that a) the penny drops b) you get it c) you do it and d) we have a chaotic wander of a time through the interwebs of intuition.


When I taught maths, this approach wasn’t the best… but for intuition? Undoubtedly.


So, what you need to do to go from A to B (where B > A for some yet-to be determined values of A and B) is wang a message into my message box to say ‘let me at it!’ or suchlike.


I will¬† (in case this is your first foray into intuitive arts – science – stuff) discern intuitively (yeah, again, IKR?) whether you’re a good fit with it, and vice versa, then you get to pay me and we rock on from 10th October onwards.


Oh yeah – format! Membership site, discussion forum, video, audio and written trainings, exercises, lab manuals (crikey!) and at least 7, if not more, live coaching calls where you pitch in with your questions and I do my intuitive (who’d’ve thought it!) thing to get you what you need.


If you’re having a feeling of ‘I don’t know why but I want to do this’ – you’re correct.


Fill out the form below to get on the course.


Don’t dilly dally – we’re on a deadline and this is an experiment in ‘can I trust my intution this much with running my business on a day to day basis?’ so I need DATA!


Apply now!


To be first in line for the next edition of Intuition for Logical Thinkers, sign up for email announcements!

Intuition for Logical People
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