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Sue Susnik

Sue Sušnik, Ph.D

Sue Sušnik is a Intuitive Counsellor, Coach, and Energy Worker. Sue helps strong and intelligent professionals stop struggling with emotional issues connected to High Sensitivity, repressed or unexpressed emotions and energies.

Sue’s gift of Mirror-Empathy Synaesthesia enables her to understand what is really going on for her clients even if they are unaware of it themselves.

Sue has been an energy worker for 14 years, and developed her Emotional Plumbing approach alongside training in counselling, coaching, and energy work.

Sue Sušnik is available for media opportunities, expert comments, public speaking, event panels, interviews and features on:

  • Emotional Plumbing
  • How to stop struggling with emotions
  • Ways to recognise and manage High Sensitivity
  • How ‘woo’ and science go together
  • Heart-body-mind-energy approach

As featured in

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To book Sue for media appearances or speaking engagements, please submit your enquiry here.



“Thanks so much, dear Sue! I think this is what people need, a safe environment to explore, be open in a difficult area. I think your leading us through the day was in a very kind and supportive way.”


“You are so calm and insightful – and that gives [me] confidence to go deeper into this difficult subject.”


“I enjoy Sue’s very practical metaphors, which insinuate themselves like climbing anchors on a rock-face, as well as her humor, professionalism and openness.”


“Sue is not only incredibly smart and intuitive, but also unusually kind and generous.”

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