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Small-group workshops and retreats offer you an immersive and transformational experience.

Rest, recharge, and replenish.

Leave behind whatever skin or chrysalis you need to shed.

Take with you new tools, inspiration, and strategic how-to for the path of being 100% You.

Virtual retreat: Wednesday 27th May 2020

During this online retreat morning, I’ll be leading you through meditation, energy management, and intuition-access processes that help you stay on course when the whole world seems to be blowing you around.

In turbulent times, keeping your hand on the helm can be the difference between sailing a clear course, and hitting the rocks. Your intuition is your onboard SatNav, intel-gatherer, and dream whisperer. Together, a steady hand and intuition make for a resilient team.

I’ve been working with intuition for over 10 years, and meditating for more than double that. I’m experienced in the more unusual aspects of meditation, and share my expertise and guidance with retreatants and private 1:1 clients.

Whether you’re a novice or experienced meditator, you’ll come away from this retreat morning feeling relaxed, refreshed and re-energised. You’ll gain the practical you need for your daily routine to keep you in tune with your intuition, and sailing the course you’ve set for your life.

This retreat is designed so that the pointers given are drawn from your experience, your challenges and your energy to create crafted and practical guidance for maximum results – now and for your future.

That was amazing! You were so calming and present and a really thorough description and practice of what to do. I feel totally different!

I truly enjoyed it… I feel a lot more energetic this week.

What we do

In the few hours we have together, we have:

✧ Introductions

✧ Grounding & Centering for energy management

✧ Meditation

✧ Break-out groups for smaller discussions

✧ Q&A on your most pressing intuition & meditation queries

and, of course:

✧ comfort and movement breaks!

All held in a warm and supportive atmosphere that helps you explore and go deeper in your meditation.

Dates not working for you?

Send me your name and email using this form.

I’ll make sure you get notified of the next retreats coming up!

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