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In-person sessions


“Sue’s high energy, in combination with the right words at the right time, allowed me to feel what I needed for a very long time. In just a one-hour session, I finally dropped long-term emotional baggage. Physically and emotionally, I feel ‘reshuffled’, and lighter. Thank you, Sue!”


“The last few years I’ve had a lot on my plate: I became a mother (twice!), bought and renovated a house, lost jobs and started new ones, and experienced some medical setbacks. Sue helped me release the stress, figure out which issues were most important to me, and how to address them. Sue has a unique ability to help you release and understand your emotions, while also providing valuable feedback during the conversation.
“I don’t consider myself highly sensitive or multi-faceted, and was unsure if I was even ‘qualified’ to work with Sue. Now I am glad I approached her because she has been of great help. Visiting her has helped me release stuck emotions and has made me more aware of the emotions I am experiencing on a day-to-day basis.
“Sue provides a wonderful combination of her high sensitivity and a very down-to-earth, no-nonsense approach to her coaching. To those who are unsure if they should work with Sue, I could only say, just go for it!”

“I was pleasantly surprised how better I felt after having a healing session with Sue Susnik.
“I am very aware of my emotions and often pay attention to them.
“But Sue has an amazing skill of guiding you through and actually helping your body release huge amounts of emotions. I was holding deep sadness, frustration and grief and with Sue’s help we worked on them.
“And my body and especially my hip felt a lot better and able to move more freely.
“Sue is very sensitive and caring and you are in good hands in her care.
What is very unique about Sue is her ability to say it as it is in a very sensitive way. Which allows you to move forward in your healing very quickly.”

“Sue has a definite gift, and it is hard to describe I think it is just best you experience it.”

“I was looking for a way to have a better connection with myself. A connection between feeling and understanding. Sue works intuitively and knows exactly how to “put the finger on the sore spot”, as we say in Dutch. She finds things that she couldn’t have known about, but which she brings immediately out onto the table.”

“I asked Sue to do a healing on me because I had some issues regarding my love-life. Somehow I could not open myself to a love-relationship, I was keeping love away from me at a safe distance.
“Her treatment was very nurturing, soft and caring, it was like a motherly energy. Sue saw that I was suppressing energy in my heart area and with her treatment she released a blockage and spoke to my heart to open up for love.
“I felt a shift in my body, like a energy boost, it was very powerful. A short period after that I met a really nice guy and I opened my heart to him.”

“I came to Sue curious about her method. I’ve had a lot of changes recently and I’ve been feeling a lot of resistance. When Sue was working on me I felt warm energy flowing from her hands. Sue helped me to understand where my resistance was coming from and what it was about, linking it back to things in my childhood. I now know more about this resistance and what lies underneath it. I really recommend Sue: it’s really a gift to yourself.”


Phone/online call sessions

“I came to Sue for some guidance based on a hunch. I did not expect her to be able to help me so directly and so quickly. She certainly has a talent which I cannot place- somewhere between the pragmatic and the spiritual. Be prepared to laugh, to reconnect, and to reconsider.”


“Sue has been a tireless and attentive support to me during a very difficult time. During a stretch in which I was coping with numerous intersecting problems, Sue came prepared time and again with considered and researched suggestions and reflections. I could tell that Sue had been mulling over my issues and crafting tools specifically for me.
“Drawing on scientific, energetic, spiritual and other resources, she offered useful advice that enabled me better to process trauma related to sexual assault, harmful power dynamics, injustice and resulting challenges in a variety of relationships.
“She is not content to help in the moment but explains practices that allow focused solo work to fix the “emotional plumbing” and strengthen one’sĀ emotional health and coping mechanism.
“I enjoy Sue’s very practical metaphors, which insinuate themselves like climbing anchors on a rock-face, as well as her humor, professionalism and openness.
“Sue is not only incredibly smart and intuitive, but also unusually kind and generous.”


“Sue is the perfect balance of intuition, intellect, compassion, and proud geek. When we work together, I feel completely supported in my spiritual beliefs and accepted for exactly who I am, an absolute must that I look for in a coach. Sue supported me during a huge spiritual transition in my life that involved many nuanced inner changes as well as significant external life changes. As I navigated the difficult areas of my life surrounding these changes, Sue offered intuitive insights while providing a safe space for personal exploration. I see her as one of the key people who helped get me through this unique phase of intense growth.”


“Sue seems to be unique in offering a highly scientific approach to the development and use of intuition. She is very intelligent and familiar with working with academic pressures. She provided encouragement and motivation to me in getting started on a postgraduate essay that I wasn’t feeling confident about writing at the time. Sue helped me break it down to seem like a more surmountable task. I was amazed that I managed to complete the essay by the deadline and even more surprised when I got my result and found I’d been awarded a distinction. I never thought this would be possible at the beginning and without Sue’s encouragement and motivation it might not have been.

“Sue has supported me in developing my own intuition and learning to trust my inner feelings. Sue excels at explaining concepts and comes up with some great metaphors to really get across the essence of what she is communicating. At any times when I have felt unnerved by my experiences, Sue’s rational and scientific perspectives have been very reassuring.”



“Thanks so much, dear Sue! I think this is what people need, a safe environment to explore, be open in a difficult area. I think your leading us through the day was in a very kind and supportive way.”

“Warm atmosphere, that gives you space to be open. Inspiring: it makes me aware of problems and considerations that I have.”

“You are so calm and insightful – and that gives [me] confidence to go deeper into this difficult subject.”

I met Sue and made a podcast about her amazing abilities to tune-in to people’s inner emotions through her ’emotional plumbing’ technique.

I am an independent producer and a journalist with over 25-years experience so I approached the whole thing with the necessary critical distance, but after going through a session with Sue I was convinced she has an extraordinary talent.

If you want to listen to the podcast I made then check out Here in Holland – Emotional Plumbing – you’ll hear me talk to Sue in-depth and find out what happened when I climbed onto her table for a hands-on session.

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