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Something is stopping you, you don’t know what it is, and you want it gone.

✧ It sits between you and contentment.

✧ It distracts you into stress, overwhelm, exhaustion, cruddy habits, and burnout.

✧ It stops you finding ease and flow in your work.

✧ It denies you the self-care you know you ‘should’ be doing.

✧ It prevents you having the quality of relationships you desire.

Are you ready to find out what it is, and get it done with?


Sue Susnik, Ph.D, offers body-mind-energy investigations to find and eliminate what’s blocking your success – whether personal, professional, or both.

She helps you see through the nonsense we all create in our minds, and clears out the emotional baggage and energetic constraints that no longer serve you.

Collecting data from your body, mind and energy through dialogue and by tuning in to your energies, Sue identifies what is missing, what needs to be removed, and carries out the energy work to make it happen.

Complete with practical suggestions that you can implement at home, or integrate into your daily activities, Sue is pragmatic and thorough in her approach.

Investigations are by video call or email.


This work is personal, emotional, and spiritual in nature. The first wave of results are most usually the intangible.

The biggest intangible is that you feel better in yourself, more at peace with yourself. You get a certain peace of mind about something that’s happened or about who you are.

✧ What your body, mind, and energy is ready to release, will release.

✧ Most clients report feeling lighter, freer, more able to get on with life.

✧ Many simply feel better. They understand themselves, their families, and their patterns of work dynamics better.

✧ They find a growing sense of peace with themselves, an ease they didn’t have before.

✧ The inner sparkle you lost? May well come back smiling.

Curious? Book your Investigation now.

Client experiences

For clients’ accounts of their experiences, please take a look at the Testimonials.

In-person consultations

Owing to current working restrictions to curtail the spread of Coronovirus in the Netherlands, in-person consultations at my premises near The Hague are not currently available.

Sue Susnik on Here in Holland

I met Sue and made a podcast about her amazing abilities to tune-in to people’s inner emotions through her ’emotional plumbing’ technique.

I am an independent producer and a journalist with over 25-years experience so I approached the whole thing with the necessary critical distance, but after going through a session with Sue I was convinced she has an extraordinary talent.

If you want to listen to the podcast I made then check out Here in Holland – Emotional Plumbing – you’ll hear me talk to Sue in-depth and find out what happened when I climbed onto her table for a hands-on session.

Intimate, immersive workshops & retreats

Small-group workshops and retreats offer an immersive and transformational experience.

Meet with exceptionally minded peers.

Rest, recharge, and replenish.

Leave behind whatever skin or chrysalis you need to shed.

Take with you new tools, inspiration, and strategic how to for the path of being fully You.

Be the first to hear about workshops and retreats

Thanks so much, dear Sue! I think this is what people need, a safe environment to explore, be open in a difficult area. I think your leading us through the day was in a very kind and supportive way.

Warm atmosphere, that gives you space to be open. Inspiring: it makes me aware of problems and considerations that I have.

You are so calm and insightful – and that gives [me] confidence to go deeper into this difficult subject.

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