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Help for Highly Sensitive People, Empaths, Gifted Adults and Neurodivergent folk.

For scientists, engineers, architects, medics, designers, researchers, business owners, and anyone else who wants all-round happiness alongside (despite!) their wonderfully logical brain.

1:1 support to help you through personal and professional challenges.

Is this for me?

If you’re a smart cookie but your emotions trip you up, and you want to have more ease and grace in the world, this is for you.

If you’re going through an unexpectedly stressful time and want some all-round support to help you steer a steady course through it, this is for you.

If you or your kids have high sensitivity or empath traits and want them to serve you, not stop you, this is for you.

If you’ve been tuning into your intuition for a while and want to access it more clearly, reliably and accurately, this is for you.

If you’re healing from childhood traumas and want to free yourself from old and out-of-date energies, this is for you.

If you feel you’ve plateaued in your personal development and want to get past your current block(s), this is for you.

If you’ve been working on your anxiety, emotional baggage, or mindset for a while and want to find the elusive magic combo that fixes it, this is for you.

If you want to move from feeling vague, lost or stagnant to having your sparkle back and feeling happy, light and alive, this is for you.

If you want to feel more connected in your relationships with friends, your kids, or partner(s), this is for you.

If you’ve recently recognised your autistic, ADHD, gifted, or psychic-intuitive traits and want to feel more at ease with making sense of this new knowledge, this is for you.

If none of the above fit you exactly, but you’ve got the unmistakable feeling you should be doing this, this is for you.

Book Your Free 15 Minute Call

Free, no-obligation call with Sue to discuss:

  • What’s going on for you
  • What you’re looking to achieve
  • Your best options for working with Sue to achieve your goals

What's On Offer?

When you have one or more of:
✧ high intelligence
✧ high sensitivity
✧ neurodivergence (ASD, ADHD, Gifted…)
finding yourself the right coach, counsellor or supportive professional to help you is problematic.

Some people don’t get you.

They don’t get your sensitivity. They don’t get your history. And, truth be told, they’re not on your level.

You’ve taken matters into your own hands, and you’ve already tried a few things.

Mindfulness. Journalling. Yoga.

These help – up to a point.

The standard self-help and personal development advice you’ve found in books and online doesn’t seem to fit.

In some cases, for your type of brain, history, and specific set of circumstances, it makes things worse.

You think there are probably some root issues underneath, if only you could get to them.

Everything you’ve tried so far has helped – a bit.

You feel like you’re muddling along, but you’re a few pieces short of solving the puzzle of you.

You want someone who:

✧ gets you – fast
gets what you’re going through
helps you get through, over, and on with stuff.

Preferably with a sense of humour, professional integrity, and who’s effective.

Let me help.

I’m Sue Susnik, Ph.D.

I offer a unique combination of support that helps highly sensitive, intelligent people find and eliminate what’s blocking success – personal, professional, or both.

I help you shift out stories and beliefs that are past their sell-by dates, reorient and reconnect you to who you really are, and clear out the emotional baggage that’s weighing you down.

Using my own combination of systems-thinking, coaching & counselling, and Buddhist-Shamanic approaches, you get your issues resolved: emotional baggage, mental blocks, and spiritual issues.

I’m pragmatic and thorough in my approach: I will challenge you, in many ways!

To find out if we click, book your Free 15 Minute Call now.

Sue Susnik PhD support for HSPs

Sue Susnik, Ph.D

Sue Susnik, Ph.D

✧ Counselling
✧ Coaching
✧ Intuition
✧ Gifted
✧ Neurodivergent

MA, MSci Natural Sciences
Ph.D Environmental Sciences
PGCE Secondary Education (Maths)
Certificate in Counselling Skills

Book Your Free 15 Minute Call

Free, no-obligation call with Sue to discuss:

  • What’s going on for you
  • What you’re looking to achieve
  • Your best options for working with Sue to achieve your goals

Client Results

I came to Sue for some guidance based on a hunch. I did not expect her to be able to help me so directly and so quickly.

She certainly has a talent which I cannot place- somewhere between the pragmatic and the spiritual.

Be prepared to laugh, to reconnect, and to reconsider.

Sue has a very special skill. She can see through the fog that life creates around our emotions, untangle the mess of feelings and pinpoint the root cause of a whole host of problems: be it tension; stress; or just a feeling that something was missing from your soul.

Sometimes these are things you already know but aren’t allowing yourself to acknowledge; other times these findings are a true revelation.

Sue always expresses her findings in a calm, clear and easy to understand way and then offers suggestions for how to proceed. To top it all, she can do this via a video call from 200 miles away!

And yes, she’s also a really lovely person too.

If you have a problem, if no-one else can help, (and if you can find her)… call Sue.

Sue is great at asking the kind of probing questions that shift the way I’m thinking, and making connections I hadn’t thought of. I always come away with a new perspective and new tools for handling things.

I am constantly amazed at the things she manages to find to poke at and then how much better everything works when she’s done! It’s very woo-y, she will bring up the things I’m not mentioning that she has no logical way of knowing about.

I highly recommend! 10/10 would woo again!

It really helped me to discuss with someone not in my day-to-day life. It allows me to be open and frank because I don’t give a shit. I don’t hold anything back – with you I don’t feel I need to.

It’s helped me to find some points of action. You remind me of ideas I’ve had but never told you about. I have more tools in my hand to go in a direction I think is good. That has helped.

For more clients’ accounts of their experiences, take a look at the Testimonials.

Book Your Free 15 Minute Call

Free, no-obligation call

Sue’s approach is one of a kind. I didn’t know what to expect, and I got the unexpected in a more than positive way! Sue was spot on! Her kind, competent and down to earth approach makes you feel at ease instantly.

The outcome of my emotional plumbing session with Sue was a personal gamechanger. I cannot recommend her more!

Sue is the perfect balance of intuition, intellect, compassion, and proud geek.

When we work together, I feel completely supported in my spiritual beliefs and accepted for exactly who I am, an absolute must that I look for in a coach.

Sue supported me during a huge spiritual transition in my life that involved many nuanced inner changes as well as significant external life changes.

As I navigated the difficult areas of my life surrounding these changes, Sue offered intuitive insights while providing a safe space for personal exploration.

I see her as one of the key people who helped get me through this unique phase of intense growth.

Sue’s high energy, in combination with the right words at the right time, allowed me to feel what I needed for a very long time.

In just a one-hour session, I finally dropped long-term emotional baggage. Physically and emotionally, I feel ‘reshuffled’, and lighter. Thank you, Sue!

Sue Susnik

Sue has been a tireless and attentive support to me during a very difficult time.

During a stretch in which I was coping with numerous intersecting problems, Sue came prepared time and again with considered and researched suggestions and reflections. I could tell that Sue had been mulling over my issues and crafting tools specifically for me.

Drawing on scientific, energetic, spiritual and other resources, she offered useful advice that enabled me better to process trauma related to sexual assault, harmful power dynamics, injustice and resulting challenges in a variety of relationships.

She is not content to help in the moment but explains practices that allow focused solo work to fix the “emotional plumbing” and strengthen one’s emotional health and coping mechanism.

I enjoy Sue’s very practical metaphors, which insinuate themselves like climbing anchors on a rock-face, as well as her humor, professionalism and openness.

Sue is not only incredibly smart and intuitive, but also unusually kind and generous.

I LOVE this woman’s brain (and energy!)

If I had to sum up my first (and ongoing!) impression of her it’s the feeling of…
‘You can’t hide anything from me’

She would be the scariest headmistress ever as she has this skill where the truth just comes out of your mouth.

Almost with a shocked look afterwards as you didn’t realise you even wanted or thought that!

We had a session and I instantly knew she was going to be amazing but she’s so relaxed you have no idea of the progress you’re making.

Within half an hour I had canned a business idea or two, given far more emphasis to a dormant one and even solved an emotional query around my son – just for good measure!

Sue was like a spotlight I didn’t even know I needed!

Will This Work For Me?

In your Free 15 Minute Call, we discuss where you’re at in your life, what you’re looking to achieve, and if working together to support you is a good fit for us both.

I get a clear intuitive sense of whether or not – and how – I can help you. I’m straight-up and honest with you about this. You’ll probably get a good sense of this too.

  • If it’s a yes, you can go forward with 1:1 Consultations.
  • If it’s a no, I’ll tell you and share ideas for other avenues you might like to pursue.

Your first step is to book a free 15 minute call with me and we’ll get clear on what you need and how I can support you.

After your initial Free 15 Minute Call, 1:1 Consultations are €99 for 30 minutes, €197 for an hour.

In a consultation, we have a dialogue that involves:

All of you
Physical, mental, emotional, energy, spiritual/philosophical, your history and context (this doesn’t mean you have to over your whole past in minute detail, the main strands of your story will do)

Your needs and aims taking centre stage
What we do takes you towards your objectives. You set the course. I help get you shipshape and set sail accordingly.

Learnable strategies and tools for day-to-day life
To bed these changes into your life, you need workable strategies tailored to you and your lifestyle. I make sure you get the strategies and tools to keep you on track and in good condition.

In addition to coaching and counselling, my laser-sharp intuition comes into play to quickly identify and resolve the key root issues going on for you.

Book Your Free 15 Minute Call

Free, no-obligation call

Frequently Asked Questions

You can book a consultation session through my booking page.

When you book an appointment through my booking page, you’ll receive a confirmation email with your personal link for a meeting hosted by Zoom.

At your appointment time, click on the Zoom link to join the meeting.

While it might sound odd, your body-mind-energy system, as soon as it knows you’re booked in, will start lining your stuff up ready for shifting. You might notice thoughts about old relationships or situations, conflicts, or unusual dreams in the days leading up to a session. Take note of what happens – it may well be relevant to your session.

Consultations are via Zoom video call. If you find video distracting, we’ll switch to audio only.

When you book, you receive a private link to click. At the time of your appointment, this link takes you to the private Zoom room.

You can find out more about Zoom on the Zoom website.

Zoom requires an app on your phone, tablet or computer.

My method is an integrated approach that includes:

  • systems thinking
  • scientific training
  • integrative, person-centred counselling & coaching skills
  • Insight Inquiry
  • theory & practice Buddhist psychology & ethics
  • meditation & mindfulness
  • communications training
  • teacher training
  • infant & child development
  • body awareness practices
  • Reiki I & II
  • Shamanic practice
  • attachment theory
  • trauma-informed care

and my own personal and professional experiences.

Listen in on this interview and consultation to find out how this works in practice.

While I realise this sounds like a non-answer, the answer is: You get what you’re ready for.

We work with what turns up, with what you’re ready for. Where one person might do the equivalent of running a marathon in their session, another will have more of a walk in the park. Both get what they need.

  • After a few years of working in therapy and counselling through the after-effects of an abusive father, a woman in her 30s was able to drop incredible amounts of emotional and energy baggage in just one hour.
  • Another person found that after a significant change in their relationships, an online session with me helped them to rest comfortably in their decision, with a deeper understanding of how, what and why the change was needed.
  • A client who had already done a lot of personal work around her childhood traumas was looking for more of a sense of peace with herself. After just one online hour-long consultation, she no longer felt triggered by things her parent said to her.

First, define your problem.

Next, define your outcome: what does life look like when your problem is fixed?

Now, look at your potential rate of change: How prepared are you – are you used to this kind of work, how much resistance to change might you encounter?

Next, consider the limits there may be to your progress.

  • What have you got space for (emotionally, mentally)?
  • How well resourced are you for time, energy, focus?
  • What responsibilities are you balancing alongside your healing and personal development work?

Practically speaking, your budget may play a role in determining how many, and how often, you have sessions.

Next, the bane of every project manager’s life: shifting goalposts a.k.a. scope creep. Here’s what that might look like:

  • You might start with a session to focus on your backache, with a vague idea that it’s probably connected to your childhood, and you want to feel more comfortable at work.
  • When that clears up, your life refocuses around a new business idea that you’re now ready to execute, so you want to charge up your booster rockets for launch. As you grow your business, you then look to expand in yourself – to stop shrinking from the limelight – and let yourself enjoy life more, and more fully.
  • Along the way, you figure out that I can help with a few other related issues that you hadn’t realised were connected, and I pick up on a couple of side-quest issues that also get resolved.
  • When you look back, you can see how the scope and depth of work expanded as you did, you’re pleased with how far you’ve moved, and you’re surprised – but also not – with how things progressed and developed, all sprouting from your original start point to fix your backache.

Bear in mind, I wouldn’t expect you to work with me for ever! Everybody grows, everybody has different needs at different times. While you’re walking your path from A to Z, I might help you with step P →Q, for example. It’s a privilege to walk alongside a person wherever they are on their path, whether that’s in a single session or several.

You can book a free Enquiry Call if you want to get a better feel for what I can help you with, and over what kind of time frame.

A lot depends on your situation. As a general rule of thumb, I recommend clients allow 3-5 weeks between consultations. We cover a lot of ground, at quite some depth, so you need time to integrate, assimilate, and observe how you get on.

A 60 minute consultation is €197.

30 minute consultations are available for €99.

When a client says in their first consultation, “I don’t know why, I just had this really strong feeling I should get a session with you,” I know they’re in the right place.

If you’re considering booking a consultation and have any doubts about whether we’ll click, please book in for a Free 15 Minute Call. Test the waters, ask your questions, and find out for yourself if the connection feels right.

You might also like to listen to this podcast by journalist Andy Clark, where he volunteers for a 1:1 session to see for himself what happens.

If I’m not the right practitioner for you, you and I will both know. You’ll still welcome to book a consultation with me. You will get useful information, time for dialogue, and space for what you need, but it may not be as effective for you as choosing a different practitioner, or engaging in other activities.

Where do you fit on the hell yes to hell no scale? Ask yourself the question: am I ready to work with Sue on [my problem]? Which answer matches yours most closely?

  • Hell yes.
  • Yes, but I feel nervous.
  • I’ve no idea why, but I have this strong feeling I should really book in for a session.
  • I probably should, but I don’t feel all that comfortable about it.
  • No, I don’t think so.
  • Hell no.

For anything above ‘no, I don’t think so’ feel free to book in for your first 15 minutes free, to discuss what you need, where you want to get to, and if and how I can help.

I’m glad you’re here, reading this.

First of all, take a good look around. Do you get a good feeling about the possibility of working with me? It’s totally ok if you don’t, by the way.

While your friend/partner/colleague/relative may have had their own positive experiences with me, or find a strong resonance with my work and writings, that may not be true for you. That’s totally fine, too. I’m not everybody’s cup of tea and you need to find the tea – or coffee – that suits you best.

When I was first offering these services,  a few people have come to me on the strength of a recommendation from someone else, rather than on the basis of their own initiative or intuition. The click wasn’t always there, and they would have been better suited to working with someone else. Through experience, I came to trust my intuition – and to invite people checking out my services to check in with their sense of ‘click’ too.

The results you get from your sessions are affected by the nature of the resonance between you and me, so I strongly encourage you to use your own discernment and feel on things to figure out if I’m the right practitioner for you.

If you’re considering booking a session, have had a look around this website to get a feel for how I work and what on, and have any doubts about whether we’ll click, please book in for a free Enquiry Call. Test the waters, ask your questions, and find out for yourself if the connection feels right.

You have my guarantee of confidentiality. I do not share my clients’ names, whether publicly or privately.

On this website, and other publicly available material e.g. on various social media platforms, I use case studies based on a selection of real clients’ experiences, with generalised descriptions. Identifying details and specifics are omitted.

Testimonials, where provided, are anonymised for your privacy and confidentiality.

You can read my website’s Privacy Policy here.

Fabulous. I love questions. Book a Free 15 Minute Call to ask me directly.

Book Your Free 15 Minute Call

Free, no-obligation call

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