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Sue Susnik, Ph.D, offers body-mind-energy consultations to find and eliminate what’s blocking your success – whether personal, professional, or both.

She helps you see through the nonsense we all create in our minds, and clears out the emotional baggage and energetic constraints that no longer serve you.

Collecting data from your body, mind and energy through dialogue and by tuning in to your energies, Sue identifies what is missing, what needs to be removed, and carries out the energy work that supports you to make it happen.

Complete with practical suggestions that you can implement at home, or integrate into your daily activities, Sue is pragmatic and thorough in her approach.

Consultations are by video call or email.

Sue works internationally in English and/or Dutch. Click on the Consultation links below to check availability for your timezone.

Sue Susnik PhD support for HSPs


This work is personal, emotional, and spiritual in nature. The first wave of results are most usually the intangible.

The biggest intangible is that you feel better in yourself, more at peace with yourself. You get a certain peace of mind about something that’s happened or about who you are.

✧ What your body, mind, and energy is ready to release, will release.

✧ Most clients report feeling lighter, freer, more able to get on with life.

✧ Many simply feel better. They understand themselves, their families, and their patterns of work dynamics better.

✧ They find a growing sense of peace with themselves, an ease they didn’t have before.

✧ The inner sparkle you lost? May well come back smiling.

Curious? Check availability now by selecting one of the services I offer:

Client experiences of video & phone consultations

Sue is one of the most intuitive and empathic people you could wish to meet.

Her work ethics are clear and precise and she will discuss any issues or problems you have in depth and with understanding and compassion.

Her help and advice is thorough and covers every aspect, yet, she will not force her views upon you but will intuitively guide you in the right direction.

Working with Sue is a great joy and very rewarding.

I came to Sue for some guidance based on a hunch. I did not expect her to be able to help me so directly and so quickly.

She certainly has a talent which I cannot place- somewhere between the pragmatic and the spiritual.

Be prepared to laugh, to reconnect, and to reconsider.

It really helped me to discuss with someone not in my day-to-day life. It allows me to be open and frank because I don’t give a shit. I don’t hold anything back – with you I don’t feel I need to.

It’s helped me to find some points of action. You remind me of ideas I’ve had but never told you about. I have more tools in my hand to go in a direction I think is good. That has helped.

I LOVE this woman’s brain (and energy!)

If I had to sum up my first (and ongoing!) impression of her it’s the feeling of…
‘You can’t hide anything from me’

She would be the scariest headmistress ever as she has this skill where the truth just comes out of your mouth.

Almost with a shocked look afterwards as you didn’t realise you even wanted or thought that!

We had a session and I instantly knew she was going to be amazing but she’s so relaxed you have no idea of the progress you’re making.

Within half an hour I had canned a business idea or two, given far more emphasis to a dormant one and even solved an emotional query around my son – just for good measure!

Sue was like a spotlight I didn’t even know I needed!

For more clients’ accounts of their experiences, please take a look at the Testimonials.

Remote Access work

Energy work can also be done via Remote Access.

Sue is adept at distance work and can tune into your energy – with your permission – from a distance, even without being in a real-time conversation with you.

Remote Access work is an option if you are
a) too busy to schedule anything
b) in an uncooperative timezone
c) averse to real-time spoken conversations
d) you just fancy it.

How Remote Access Consultations Work

When you book a Remote Access Consultation, you tell Sue what issue or question(s) you want her to work with. You don’t need to be in a real-time conversation with Sue: she tunes into your energy directly to address the issue or question you raised.


Questions that can be addressed through Remote Access Consultations include, for example:

✧ What is going on with my back/foot/chest energetically, and can you help it?

✧ I feel stuck in my job. What’s going on, and can you help free things up?

✧ I’m struggling with being a parent owing to the parenting I received. How can I heal myself so I can be a better parent?


When you book your Remote Access Consultation, you will receive an email which tells you when your Consultation will be. Usually, Consultations can be scheduled within 1-3 weeks. If you need a Consultation more urgently than this, please consult another practitioner.


During your Remote Access Consultation, Sue tunes into your energy with your question in mind. Sue receives pictures and messages and carries out the energy work that your issue requires. Sue completes your Consultation by writing up her findings in an email to you.


After your Consultation, you are welcome to ask for clarification or extra details, if available. Sue will also send you practical tips on how to integrate the energy work.


Please note that follow-on issues or additional energy work is available only through further consultations.

Client experiences of Remote Access Consultations

The morning after you did this work, I felt an emotional release in both my legs, from the knee down. They seemed to be more equal, (as in now I feel I have two legs to stand on). Also my neck area has come more to the forefront the past week or so – as an area that needs more release and tending to. I feel a lot of the information you gave me concerning my body map is quite accurate. I also like how you conversed with my ancestors. And thank you for connecting to a power animal that could help me out with this.

I really like that you tuned in to my body map and gave me an overview of what you found and how things interrelate. There is a lot that I resonate with – especially the daydreaming and dissociation that you mention.

I am really happy with the work you did for me. You are perceptive and I like that you gave me an overview, did healing work as well as give me a map of how to work with this further. The work you did has helped me integrate my sensitive side more. You come across as very considerate and I feel seen as well as accepted for who I am.

So thank you!

I’m really thankful for your work here, and have found it to be accurate and connected. Thanks so much for taking the time to do such a thorough write up as well, lots to digest here, and I’ll come back to this email over the next few weeks as my shifting continues.

You’re clearly doing good work, with the additional benefit of an advanced level of behavioral and emotional understanding.

Thanks so much, Sue, for all of your efforts here.


What kinds of questions/issues can I ask for help with?

Prior to booking your consultation, you are welcome to submit an enquiry to Sue along the lines of:

“My question is as follows: [insert your question here] – can this be addressed in a Remote Access consultation?”

In-person consultations

Owing to the presence of Coronovirus in the Netherlands, in-person consultations at my premises near The Hague are not available.

Sue Susnik on Here in Holland

I met Sue and made a podcast about her amazing abilities to tune-in to people’s inner emotions through her ’emotional plumbing’ technique.

I am an independent producer and a journalist with over 25-years experience so I approached the whole thing with the necessary critical distance, but after going through a session with Sue I was convinced she has an extraordinary talent.

If you want to listen to the podcast I made then check out Here in Holland – Emotional Plumbing – you’ll hear me talk to Sue in-depth and find out what happened when I climbed onto her table for a hands-on session.

I know Sue for some time now. I am trying to put down for you, how talking to her feels, but in fact it is not so easy. You simply need to book a session with her to experience it. I can promise you one thing, it will be mind/feeling blowing.

Sue is smart, you know kind of this very clear, down to earth, British-thing true to your self, scientist smart.

But on the other hand, her sensitivity, her gift, her talent is mind blowing and undeniable.

She just gets me, she understands what mountains and forests mean to me, she intuitively instructs me how to use my elements to help me to be there for my doula clients, she “sees, feels” my burdens and give suggestions how to resolve them.

It is like she non-violently tunes into me, and helps me to get better, to resolve my emotional issues that weight me down. I sense that the reason is that with doing that she is helping to create the best version of me-doula, so she extends her help to other women through me.

Intimate, immersive workshops & retreats

Small-group workshops and retreats offer an immersive and transformational experience.

Meet with exceptionally minded peers.

Rest, recharge, and replenish.

Leave behind whatever skin or chrysalis you need to shed.

Take with you new tools, inspiration, and strategic how to for the path of being fully You.


Online Retreats: see the Retreats page for details and availability.

Be the first to hear about workshops and retreats

Thanks so much, dear Sue! I think this is what people need, a safe environment to explore, be open in a difficult area. I think your leading us through the day was in a very kind and supportive way.

Warm atmosphere, that gives you space to be open. Inspiring: it makes me aware of problems and considerations that I have.

You are so calm and insightful – and that gives [me] confidence to go deeper into this difficult subject.

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